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Magnat Signature Center 93 - Keskikaiutin

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ ostoksiin!

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    Magnat Signature 900 on ensiluokkainen kaiutinmallisto Premium hifi-harrastajille

    Signature 900-sarjassa yhdistyy paras mahdollinen kaiutintekniikka sekä hienostunut, mutta ajaton kotelosuunnittelu. 900-sarjan kaiuttimien diskantit ovat "Japan Audio Audio Society" Hi-Res Audio -sertifioituja, ja siksi ne pystyvät toistamaan myös kaikkein korkeimmat taajuudet erinomaisesti. Basso ja keskiääni -elementit on varustettu keraamisesti valetuilla alumiinikalvoilla.

    • Hi-Res certified dual tweeter module with two fmax domes
    • 3-way centre speaker with bass reflex technology
    • Optimum sound dispersion for use in a home cinema system

    Technical specifications

    • Frequency Response: 32 – 55000 Hz
    • Principle: 3-way, double bass, bass reflex
    • Equipment: 0.75" super-tweeter 1.2" dome-tweeter 2 x 170 mm woofer-midrange
    • Power Handling (RMS/Max.): 140 / 200 Watts
    • Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohms
    • Crossover Frequencies: 2400 Hz / 17500 Hz
    • Recommended Amplifier Output: > 20 Watts
    • Sensitivity (2.8V/1m): 91 dB
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 570 x 215 x 350 mm

    Tweeter & Super-Tweeter

    • Powerful neodymium ring magnet systems for best dynamics
    • Newly developed high-res tweeter module with two fmax Signature dome tweeters
    • 30 mm dome tweeter with coupling volume, long-excursion drive and particularly wide surround for especially deep mid-tone coupling
    • Additional 20 mm super dome tweeter for ideal omnidirectional sound distribution and extended reproduction up to 55 kHz


    • Distortion-optimised magnet systems with double induction rings and stray field optimisation
    • Generously vented die-cast aluminium baskets to prevent turbulence and compression effects
    • Ceramic-aluminium sandwich membranes with high rigidity and optimum internal damping, optimised by inverse dust caps
    • Sophisticated voice coil ventilation for a particularly high degree of resilience
    • Solid ABS/aluminium grille rings with 8 screw fixings
    • Klippel® optimised construction


    • High-quality interior cabling
    • Large terminal panel with solid and encapsulated connectors to accommodate the use of high-quality heavy gauge cables
    • Bi-wiring/bi-amping option, pre-installed cable bridges for single wiring
    • Elaborate phase and amplitude-optimised APOC crossover


    • Very sturdily constructed, multi-braced MDF enclosure in a timeless-modern design
    • Noble high-gloss lacquered body (black version) or high-gloss lacquered real wood veneer (macassar version)
    • Magnat Airflex port with large openings ensure an optimum bass response without ambient noise
    • Decoupling silicone feet included
    • Removable fabric protection grille with optimum sound transmission and invisible magnet attachment
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