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Diamond - Audio Hxp124 12" - Subwoofer

12" - Dual 4Ω 900RMS/1800W MAX Subwoofer.

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839,00 €
839,00 € - 839,00 €
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For the ultimate sounding subwoofer, look no further than HEX PRO. With our patented TDX™Technology incorporated into the HEX PRO, this subwoofer delivers dynamic bass all day long without interruption. Engineered to reproduce a broader range of low-frequency bass notes that varies in all kinds of music, HEX PRO accuracy and performance cannot be matched! Equipped with an ultra-efficient motor design, heat-dissipating aluminum cone, and hexagonal honeycomb core cone that is exceptionally rigid yet feather light, HEX PRO subwoofers delivers bass performance with that signature Diamond Audio sound!

- Die Cast Aluminum Alloy Basket with Integrated Cooling Fins

- High Strength Honeycomb Cone

- High Power Neodymium Encapsulated Motor Structure

- Klippel DA Optimized Motor and Suspension Symmetry

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