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Cornered - Audio C6Trm - Black

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899,00 €
899,00 € - 899,00 €
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The band in your living room
C6TRM is a top quality loudspeaker designed with an emphasis on very loud output. It features one of the worlds strongest and most advanced 6 1/2″ neodymium woofer and a horn-loaded 1″ tweeter, cooled by magnetic oil. Both drivers have excellent power handling and very high output.

Loudspeakers from Cornered Audio offer unexcelled dynamics and the C6TRM is the perfect choice for demanding, dynamic program material or very loud home cinema installations in large rooms. The extruded aluminium cabinet is well dampened and the triangular shape of the speakers minimize standing waves and reflections from inside the cabinet. The C6TRM is a top-box designed to be supported by a subwoofer.

6 1/2" woofer with neo magnet
1" horn loaded dome tweeter
Aluminium cabinet with MDF baffle
Top box with high sensitivity

Power handling, IEC268250 watt
Power handling, peak500 watt
Sensitivity, 2,83V/1m92 dB
Maximum SPL, long term116 dB
Maximum SPL, peak122 dB
Frequency response70-20.000 Hz
Nominal impedance8 ohm
Weight5,9 kg
Dispersion90x90 degree
FinishBlack, white, aluminium

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