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B&W Bb165C - Back Box

BB165C käy Bowers&Wilkins CI600 sarjan uppokaiuttimiin.

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180,00 €
180,00 € - 180,00 €
Nyt 180,00 €
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  • Toimitusaika: 14 vrk

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The new back box design is a sandwich construction made from Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS), enforced EPS and wood. This ensures high rigidity and good damping characteristics and is the very foundation to ensure excellent and natural sonic performance. With the launch of BB 125 C and BB 165 C, the CI300 and CI600 models are complemented with a high quality back box for high performance sound reproduction.


  • One back box model can be used with both 6’’ and 8’’ speakers
  • Easy and straight forward installation on construction site
  • Box out of EPS and EPS/PE material with high damping factor to ensure better sound isolation to adjacent upper floor or neighbouring dwelling units
  • Positioning aid ensures precision placement on clapboard during construction
  • Nails for back box fixing on clapboard are supplied
  • Aluminium fixing nails for easy cut off after clapboard removal
  • Aluminium nails ensure no rust spots, usually seen with steel nails
  • Concrete underflows back box. No back box parts are visible after moulding

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