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Pro-Ject - Power Rs Phono - Lisävirtalähde - Musta

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    Power Box RS Phono: Reach the ultimate level in phono sound!

    We at Pro-Ject Audio Systems strongly believe that a power supply is a very important part of the audio path and significantly contributes to the sonic quality of an audio product. In order to offer a maximum in sound quality and optimum isolation of the phono preamplifier from mains interferences, we designed the Power Box RS Phono with battery power output. Pure and clean energy is very important everywhere where low level signals are amplified. A turntable cartridge deliveres the lowest signal level from all the known sources of audio signal. Typical level of a low output MC cartridge is about 0.2mV = 0.0002V. Such low level signal is very vulnerable against all kinds of interferences and noise.



    • Purest & cleanest power for Phono Box RS
    • Fully isolates Phono Box RS from mains interference and noise while playback
    • Advanced Lithium Polymer battery (one for each channel)
    • Playback time approximately 4 hours
    • Charging time approximately 4 hours
    • Optimised battery life due to intelligent micro-processor controlled charging electronics
    • Status indicator LEDs on front
    • Available in silver or black

    Technical Specifications

    Output voltage from +/-14.8V to +/-16.8V
      depends on battery charge level
    Battery type and capacity Volts Li-ion, 2000 mAh
    Charging time approx. 4 hours
      (longer when Phono Box RS in use)
    Battery playing time approx. 4 hours
    Outboard power supply 20V/3000 mA DC
      suitable for your country's mains supply
    Dimensions W x H x D 201 x 72 x 195mm
    Weight 2030 g without power supply

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    044 566 8452


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