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Jbl Boombox nyt verkkokaupastamme hintaan 299,- sh.459,- Ilmainen palautus Taattu helppo ja nopea toimitus

Jbl Boombox nyt verkkokaupastamme hintaan 299,- sh. 459,-
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    Universal power supply for three components!

    Power Box S2 – Tripple output power supply

    Power Box S2 is a very efficient and flexible power filter for S2 line products. Its three outputs can power multiple units, such as power amplifiers, stereo amplifiers, streamers, turntables or DACs.  Clean energy contributes significantly to the sound quality and Power Box S2 can make a huge difference when comparing the system with and without it. The advanced technology in Power Box S2
avoids crossfeeding between the units and their power supplies. The DC filtration effect has direct impact on the sound quality. Additionally to the sound improvements Power Box S2 also offers its users a cleaner cable solution avoiding PSU and cable mess.



    Superlative audiophile power transmission
    Non switching power supply
    No disturbing interferences through mains
    1 x 20V output, e.g. for Amp Box S2
    1 x 15V output perfect for turntables
    1 x 5V USB A output
    Low noise components
    Full aluminium/metal casework
    Available in black or silver


    Technical Specifications

    Outputs    1 x 20V/3A (2.1 mm)
                     1 x 15V/500mA (2.1 mm)
                     1 x 5V/1A (USB A)

    Outboard power supply    20V/3A DC

    Dimensions (WxHxD)      106 x 37 x 103 mm

    Weight 360 g, without power supply

    Valmistaja    Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
    Takuuaika kk    24
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