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Pro-Ject - Accu Box S2 - Usb Virtalähde - Musta

High end virtalähde

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    High end power supply


    Accu Box S2 – better sounding analogue!


    Accu Box S2 is a clean accu power supply especially for phono products. It has an incredible synergy with all Phono Boxes and turntables (Connect it 18V/15V 2.5-2.1mm required). Using Accu Box S2 on any of our recommended products, results in a more homogeneous and spacious sound with better separation and imaging. The sound will come across as more cleaned up overall, giving you a relaxed listening experience with mind numbing sonics. Accu Box S2 uses five cells or rechargeable Li-Pol batteries with a capacity of 2.6Ah. For protection of the batteries Accu Box S2 comes with over-charge, over-discharge and over-current protections, to ensure the maximum life-span of our product. Accu Box S2 also offers a real ground reference for turntables, which kills all possible hum. Furthermore Accu Box S2 also offers a 5V USB A output, for other products, such as DACs.


    Superlative audiophile power transmission
    Li-Ion accu driven power supply
    No disturbing interferences through mains
    Perfect for all phono electronics and turntables
    1 x 18V output
    1 x 5V USB A output
    LED indication for charging and mains
    Full aluminium/metal casework
    Available in black or silver

    Technical Specifications

    Outputs    1 x 18V (2.5 mm)
         1 x 5V/1A (USB A)
    Charger    21V
    Dimensions (WxHxD)    103 x 37 x 106 mm
    Weight    545 g, without power supply
    Valmistaja    Pro-Ject Audio Systems, Itävalta
    Takuuaika kk    24
    Nettopaino    0.545 kg ilman virtalähdettä
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