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Ortofon - Ds-3 - Neulapainovaaka Digitaalinen

Helppokäyttöinen ja tarkka digitaalinen neulapainovaaka vaativaan käyttöön.

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    Ortofon DS-3 - a high precision digital stylus pressure gauge



    DS-3 is a new lightweight compact digital stylus pressure gauge model.

    The DS-3 is a miniature ultra precision non-magnetic instrument that tunes your tonearm to the highest possible degree.

    The DS-3 scale is factory pre-calibrated for high accuracy measurements with the tolerance of +/-0.01 g.

    DS-3 stylus pressure gauge

    How to use the DS-3


    • Turn on the device by pressing ON button. The display will show 0000.
    • Press the UNIT button to select the measurement unit. The default setting is gram/g.
    • Place the stylus on the measurement plate on the right side of the device. Display will start blinking. 

     It will stop blinking when the measurement is completed. The value displayed on the screen is the stylus pressure.

    • The display screen will automatically dim to saving mode after 5 seconds of inactivity and turn off after 60 seconds of inactivity.
    • When a battery runs out, a LO indicator will flash on the screen. Then replace both batteries.

    • Sensitivity - 0.01g
    • Operational weight range - 0.1g to 200g
    • Battery - 2 × AAA
    • Size - (L) 120mm × (W) 60mm × (H) 17mm
    • Weight - 70g
    • LCD screen with back lighting
    • Auto off function
    • Protect the device against high temperatures, dust and humidity
    • Carefully lower the measurement object on the measurement plate
    • Operating temperature range +10? - +30?C
    • Do not place objects weighting more than 200 g on the measurement plate
    • Do not place the device on an uneven surface, it may result in not accurate measurements
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