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Mtx - Ix3Bt - Lightweight Over Ear Headphone Bluetooth

MTX:n ultrakevyet bluetooth-kuulokkeet

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Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ ostoksiin!

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    - 3 inputs - 3 sources : Bluetooth, microSD and AUX.

    - Super lightweight (only 170g) and incredibly comfortable thanks to the soft cushions.

    - 4.2 Bluetooth with automatic re-connection and ergonomic simple controls on the head- phones. They control music and phone calls.

    - MicroSD playback : Allows autonomous playback, no need for a smartphone, no Bluetooth wave, no consumption linked to BT transmission, maximum sound quality with Flac format. Just press «Play» to listen to music...

    - You can pair the iX3BT with two devices at the same time. You can switch from one to the other at a glance...

    - Super flexible and unbreakable headband. You can twist it as much as you want. You can adjust the pressure as you want.

    - You can charge the iX3BT on any USB port or with any USB charger. The cable is included. When the battery is empty, it is still possible to use the headphones with the jack cable.

    - Durable high quality protective carrying bag included.

    - Universal lightweight mic+remote control, compatible with Apple® and Android® OS. Integrated remote allows user to play/pause and track forward/backward music as well as answer/terminate phone calls.

    - Flat tangle free cable.

    - 90° angled aluminum jack plug.

    - Exceptional sound isolation thanks to large, super sealed and comfortable foam ear-cups.

    - To make the iX3BT sound quality exceptionnal, we used a high quality Ø40mm wide range speaker. Sound quality is just amazing.

    - Sensitivity : 113dB (1mW) - Impedance : 32Ω - Frequency response : 10Hz-25000Hz

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