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Lehmann - Drachenfels - Kuulokevahvistin - Black

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Hinta 529,00 € - Hinta 529,00 €
529,00 €
529,00 € - 529,00 €
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Ilmainen toimitus yli 100€ tilauksiin

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    With the introduction of the Linear in 2004, Lehmannaudio raised the sound quality of headphone amplifiers to a new level. The Drachenfels now represents a new generation of headphone amps: our champion with an entry-level price tag scores with leading-edge technology and, owing to its modular options, can be matched to ever new situations. With regard to sound it’s particularly the tremendous wealth of detail that strikes the ear, together with a perfect control of what’s going on. Even in the thickest musical hurly-burly the structure remains discernible at any time and every detail clear-cut.
    Input impedance 47 kohms
    Maximum gain 12 dB with maximum potentiometer setting
    Frequency response 10 Hz (-0.3 dB) to 35 kHz (-1 dB)
    Signal to noise ratio > 85 dB at gain 0 dB
    THD < 0,006 % at 18 mW/330 ohms
    Channel separation > 80 dB at 10 kHz
    Output power 330 ohms/110 mW
    33 ohms/180 mW
    Output impedance Line out 105 ohms
    Phones out 5 ohms
    Connectors audio Neutrik headphone sockets with gold-plated contacts
    1 x switching line out
    1 x non-switching line out
    Line in/line out: RCA
    Power consumption app. 4 W through external wide range wall power supply (without any optional pc board)
    Outer dimensions W x D x H 160 mm x 120 mm x 43 mm (audio section)
    Weight 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs.) net (audio section)

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