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Jbl Boombox nyt verkkokaupastamme hintaan 299,- sh.459,- Ilmainen palautus Taattu helppo ja nopea toimitus

Jbl Boombox nyt verkkokaupastamme hintaan 299,- sh. 459,-

Electrocompaniet - Eci 80D - Limited Edition - White

Electrocompanietin entry-level integroitu! Valkoinen Limited Edition.  

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Jbl Boombox nyt verkkokaupastamme hintaan 299,- sh.459,-

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    We are very pleased to announce the ECI80D Limited Edition White version.
    The new sleek look features an all-white chassis top and front panel, with silver buttons and details, with black text.
    The unit is also available with golden buttons and details on custom order.
    And it features of course the classic Electrocompaniet design, looks and sound characteristics.

    The ECI 80D is our brand new, entry-level integrated amplifier. The new
    ECI 80D offers 2 x 80 Watts into 8 Ohms, using an in-house developed
    Class A/B Amplifier.
    We have equipped the ECI 80D with a built-in RIAA pre-amplifier for your
    LP player (MM cartridge support), 2-way Bluetooth HD for both streaming
    from your iOS, Android unit, Mac or PC, and also HD streaming to your
    High-end headphones.
    There are also 2 analogue single ended inputs, 5 digital inputs, 2 headphones-out connections and of course the legendary Electrocompaniet
    sound and unique aesthetics.
    As a result we can offer you an extremely substantial and dynamic integrated amplifier with an attractive form-factor, capable of controlling a
    wide range of speakers on the market.
    The amplifier is carefully balanced between good bass extension and
    control, a detailed open midrange and a warm detailed top, as with all
    our quality products.
    All to ensure that the ECI 80D will reproduce your favorite music the way
    it was recorded.


    THD+N: < 0.005%
    Output power (into 8 Ohms): 2 x 80W
    Output power (into 4 Ohms): 2 x 150W
    Damping factor (8 Ohms load): > 300
    Frequency response (-3dB): – 150kHz
    SNR : 102 dB
    Gain: 25 dB
    Protection: DC, overload, temperature


    Pickup support: Moving Magnet
    Gain: 40 dB @ 1kHz
    Input impedance: 47 kOhms || 100pF
    RIAA correction accuracy:+/-0.1dB, 25-20kHz
    Subsonic filter: -3 dB @ 14 Hz
    THD: < 0.001%
    SNR: 83 dB (A-weighted)
    Overload margin: 30dB @ 1kHz


    Width: 470mm - 18.5 inches
    Depth: 262mm - 10.3 inches
    Height: 90mm - 3.5 inches
    Weight: 8 kg - 17.6 lbs


    • PHONO MM
    • 2 x Single Ended RCA
    • 2 x Coaxial SPDIF
    • 3 x Optical SPDIF
    • 12V Trigger Input


    • 2 Headphones output
    • 1 x Preout RCA
    • 12V Trigger Output

    Wireless streaming: BT HD
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