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Cerwin - Vega Vpro102D 10" - Subwoofer

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    If you want a daily ground-pounder and want to make your presence known, the Vega Pro series subwoofer was built for you! Your music will take a beating from this professional high power double-stacked motor structure with double progressive spiders that is encased by a rugged proprietary Vega Pro stamped cast basket! Vega Pro series subwoofers can take on extreme power handling as it utilizes the best high temperature grade voice coils in the industry for maximum performance and reliability! The Vega Pro subwoofers achieve serious low frequencies and reproduces deep bass that will annoy your pestering neighbors.

    The Vega Pro series comes equipped with Cerwin-Vega Mobile’s new integrated impedance selector feature for installation ease and are available in 10 Inch, 12 Inch, and 15 Inch sizes. For exceptional value and performance, there is nothing close to Vega Pro series subwoofers!

    Cerwin Vega VPRO102D
    Dual 10 Inch Vega Pro Series 2 Ohm Car Subwoofers

    - 1400W MAX / 700W RMS Power Handling
    - Proprietary Stamped Cast Basket Frame
    - Optimized High Power Double-Stacked Motor Structure
    - Vented Pole Piece and Voice Coil Gap for Maximum Cooling
    - Proprietary Horizontal Mounted Terminal with Integrated Impedance Selector
    - Double Progressive Spiders with Embedded Tensile Leads
    - Black Santoprene Double Stitched
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    Tommi Mattila


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    Matti Nieminen


    050 3248 766


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