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Cerwin - Vega! V82D V2 8" - Subwoofer


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    When people think of Cerwin-Vega Mobile, what usually pops up in their minds is our signature red rubber surround that has been in existence for 60 years! We continue that heritage with the introduction of our brand new Vega series subwoofers. An all-new design and robust proprietary stamped cast Vega basket is the foundation for the new Vega series subwoofer. Couple that with a parabolic one piece stamped carbon fiber polypropylene and a high-power single stacked motor structure, some serious boom will be protruding from your trunk! For installation ease, a brand new integrated impedance selector feature has been added to Vega series subwoofers on to keep system wiring simple! The signature red santoprene surround now incorporates matching red double stitching to complete the finish of the latest rendition of the new Vega series subwoofers.

    Vega series subwoofers are offered in 8 Inch, 10 Inch, 12 Inch, and 15 Inch sizes so no matter how big or small of a space you have to work with, Vega series has got you covered!

    - 8 Inch Dual 2-ohm/4-ohm High-Performance Subwoofer
    - 750W MAX / 250W RMS Power Handling
    - Proprietary Stamped Cast Vega Basket Design
    - Optimized High Power Single-Stacked Motor Structure
    - Parabolic One Piece Stamped Carbon Fiber Poly Cone
    SPL (dB) 81.5
    Re(Ω)[series] 2.0/2.0
    Qms 7.2
    Qes 0.7
    Qts 0.63
    Fs(Hz) 34.4
    Vas(L) 14.9
    Cms(mm/N) 0.262
    Mms(g) 81.7
    Sd(m2) 0.02
    BL(T*M) 9.9
    Xmax(mm) 13.5
    Pwr(W) NOM/MAX 250/750
    Toral Diameter (A) 8.74″ (222mm)
    Mounting Diameter (B) 7.08″ (180mm)
    Screw Hole Dia. (c) 0.63″ (16mm)
    Mounting Depth (D) 4.4″ (112mm)
    Magnet Dia (E) 4.64″ (118mm)
    Displacement (ft3/L) 0.0ft3 (0.96L)
    Weight (.ibs/Kg) 7.ibs (3.15Kg)
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    Tommi Mattila


    040 5860 120


    Hifistudio Oy


    010 229 1130