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Cerwin - Vega! Cvmp6.5 Pro - Keskiääni

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    If insanely loud is your thing, look no further than Cerwin Vega Mobile’s new Pro series speakers! The Vega Nation demanded a hardcore tweeter and mid-range speaker that would make you shiver. Drawing from Cerwin Vega’s heritage of professional audio equipment, the Pro series speakers were designed and engineered to deliver and bring the concert sound experience to your ride!


    The Pro series 1” compression bullet tweeter (CVMP1.0) is constructed with a solid die-cast one piece aluminum faceplate for strength and rigidity. The internals of the tweeter incorporates a radial ring titanium diaphragm that just makes your music scream. A fully integrated crossover and tweeter protection circuit ensures numerous hours of extended play. The highly efficient Pro series mid-range speakers reproduce a broad spectrum of frequency ranges due to its unique ribbed and tapered design on its curvilinear paper cone. A premium cloth ribbon surround and solid aluminum phase plug further enhances the detail of all the frequencies coming out of your music. The Pro series midrange speakers are available in a 6.5” (CVMP6.5) and 8” (CVMP8.0) size.


    If LOUD is your game, Pro series speakers from Cerwin Vega Mobile is your answer!

    • Model: CVMP6.5
    • Peak Power: 200W
    • RMS Power: 100W
    • Approx. Mounting Depth: 2.83"
    • Lightweight Aluminum Voice Coil Former
    • 1.5 Inch Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil
    • Polypropylene Treated Hybrid Paper Curvilinear Cone
    • Woven Cloth Ribbon Surround
    • High Density Die Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Cast Aluminum Alloy Basket
    • Proprietary Lightweight Paper Ribbed Cone
    • Cast Aluminum Alloy Phase Plug for Improved Midrange Dispersion and Cooling
    • Oversized Spring Loaded Terminals


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